Welcome to the Inu Burn Arcade.

We're here to provide games for you to play while you are waiting for your favorite meme crypto tokens to explode in value. We will use revenue generated by our visitors to buy and burn the various Inu themed coins displayed on our banner.

Our current goal is to rid the world of as many of the Kishu Inu, Zombie Inu, Floki Inu, and Saitama Inu tokens as possible to reduce the supply and (hopefully) increase the value as demand rises.

Help us help you by playing as many games as you can.

In addition, please visit our Initial Coin Offering; Crypto Burn Games. We want to start creating our own games and will be integrating the token into those games to be used for item purchases, upgrades, special characters and other exciting offers.

Thanks for visiting!

Crypto Burn Games